Total Eclipse of the Sun-updates

Thursday, August


Greetings! Chris and I just wanted to update you about a few things you may want to know as we prepare for this weekend. Preparations have been going on for the last two years, and “The Day” is finally upon us.

  1. Traffic!!! Highway 26 and Highway 97 both enter Madras from the north, and merge into North and Southbound traffic. In summer, this causes a great deal of congestion. Therefore–the Eclipse celebration is expected to bring traffic to nearly a standstill. Locals are encouraged to do all our errands, grocery shopping, gas refills by today, so they do not get caught in the great parking lot that we expect 97/26 to be over the weekend.
  2. Many community resources will be closed for the rest of this week, and all next week. Here at Madras UMC, we WILL NOT BE OPEN for Food Pantry, or Brown Bags next week. Community Kitchen, however, will be OPEN on Tuesday evening for a meal.
  3. Housing. Hotels, motels, campgrounds are expected to all be full.  Property owners are already experiencing difficulties with trespassers. In order to prevent confusion or confrontations, it is suggested that you place no trespassing signs along access to your property. This also prevents liability issues in case someone should be on your property and be injured in some way. NOTE: St Marks/Good Shepherd is opening their parking lot for dry camping.
  4. Madras UMC is an emergency responders designated site. Therefore, our parking and property is being totally reserved by RED CROSS, ST. CHARLES HOSPITAL, ALL EMERGENCY SERVICES AND FIRST RESPONDERS. Anyone else will be unable to access the building during this time–Friday-Monday.
  5. CHURCH SERVICES this Sunday will be available at the Sahalee Park for the annual All Church event. 10:00 a.m., we will not be holding services at our church building.
  6. There is some need for emergency housing in the downtown area. If you have a bedroom available, can you let Pastor Nancy know
  7. Our office will be closed on MONDAY. –or so…it will depend on how quickly the traffic begins to clear out.

AND FINALLY!!! Please be safe! Do not look directly at the sun (it may not feel like it, but IT WILL damage your eyes.) Be super careful driving, and WALKING!! Pastor Nancy was almost flattened by a semi downtown yesterday. Not everyone is paying attention.

AND, FINALLY, FINALLY–Be Jesus out there! Somebody needs to be!


Blessings, Nancy and Chris

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