Weekly Note from the Preacher Woman, 2/16/18

Beloved: It is Lent. The forty days, excluding Sundays, where the church has traditionally set aside time for penitence, self-reflection, and spiritual discipline. The church in which I grew up didn’t say much about Lent. That was for my Catholics friends, who came to school talking about what they had to give up—chocolate, or theirContinue reading “Weekly Note from the Preacher Woman, 2/16/18”

Weekly Note From the Preacher Woman, 2/8/18

February 8, 2018 Beloved: I was recently inspired to begin re-reading the works of Jane Austen. One of my continuing education classes is in family systems, and part of our recommended reading is Ron Richardson’s Jane Austen’s Guide to Good Relationships. It wasn’t hard to convince me to read Richardson’s book—one, because I have benefitedContinue reading “Weekly Note From the Preacher Woman, 2/8/18”

Weekly Note from the Preacher Woman, 1/18/18

January 18, 2018 Beloved: I have always been a lover of words. New words. Old words. Colorful words. Words that pop and sizzle. Words that calm and comfort. Words that uplift and inspire. Words that sparkle and glisten. Onomatopoeia to metaphor to figures of speech. Words have power. Words matter. Words can change the world.Continue reading “Weekly Note from the Preacher Woman, 1/18/18”