August 2018 Note From the Preacher Woman

I’ve been reflecting on the nature of family this week in preparation for preaching a short series on the book of Ruth. I took a quick look at Merriam-Webster, and noticed something interesting. The first definition of family does not even mention biological relationship; rather, it is called “a basic social unit consisting of parentsContinue reading “August 2018 Note From the Preacher Woman”

August 3, 2018, Weekly Note From the Preacher Woman

Beloved: One of the hardest transitions for me as a pastor every year is when the calendar slides from July to August. It is still summer, but fall is already casting a long shadow I can’t ignore. School supplies fill the store shelves. Gardens are producing in abundance (well, ours isn’t, but that is aContinue reading “August 3, 2018, Weekly Note From the Preacher Woman”