Weekly Note from the Preacher Woman, 5/24/18

Beloved: Two of my favorite seminary professors were married to each other. She was a theologian, and he was the Pastoral Care and Theology professor.  Shortly after I graduated, they ended up working at different institutions, cross-country from each other. When I returned to campus the next year to attend a seminar, I asked theContinue reading “Weekly Note from the Preacher Woman, 5/24/18”

Weekly Note from the Preacher Woman, 5/12/18

Beloved: Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. According to National Retail Federation, sales related to this holiday will reach over 23 billion dollars this year. It is the third highest spending holiday in our nation. It is a big deal. For some of our churches, attendance will be one of the highest Sundays of the year. I’veContinue reading “Weekly Note from the Preacher Woman, 5/12/18”