Pastor’s Words, January 2016

Picture1Welcome to 2016!  May peace and joy be your way in the world this year.

Our first edition of the Madras Messenger of 2016 is primarily a retrospective.  It is valuable for us to take time and look backwards to where we have been and how that shapes who we are now.

In reviewing the article included in this newsletter, I was amazed at how busy 2015 was.  Certainly, I can still recall the All Saints Day worship and Christmas Eve, but the earlier events seem to fade until we are reminded of them.  Do you remember the Bloom-N-May fundraiser or the worship at Suttle Lake?

I invite you to engage with your heart and memory as we review the past year.  Look for those places that were significant for you and give thanks for them.  Also, be looking toward where we are being nudged by God for 2016.  The love of Christ be with you now and always!

Pastor Dan Benson



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We are a United Methodist congregation in Central Oregon.
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