Seasons Changing

TreeInFourSeasonsBrothers and Sisters in Christ,

As the seasons change from summer to fall, I often find the pace of life changing at the same time.  Summer is   often a period of activity, whether that be weeding the garden and tending the yard or going out exploring new trails and rivers. For me, summer is a time for   breaking from the routines of life and creating freedom in my life.

At about this time in the year, I start experiencing a different yearning; a yearning for structure and order to return in my life.  I am not simply talking about the desire for the kids to go back to school and stop pestering each other.  Instead, I am speaking about a recognition within myself that patterns are good for me.  Just as we need time to break from our routines, so too, it is often good for people to establish routines in their lives.

When we talk about establishing routines in our spiritual lives, we can use the fancy term of spiritual disciplines.  Spiritual disciplines are not incorporeal punishments, but rather a way of binding ourselves, committing ourselves, to work to encounter God in our lives and in our world.  They are necessary because we often will fill our lives with noise and distractions unless we intentionally hold ourselves to this.

So I ask you, as we turn the  seasons, as the routines of life change with the seasons, what are you going to do to strengthen your relationship with God? Will you commit to spending more time in prayer or reading the Bible or other spiritual literature?  Will you join one of our classes on the Bible or faith that we are offering this fall?  Will you commit to meeting together with a friend or a small group and share what is going on with your life and your faith?

This newsletter has a number of opportunities to help you grow your relationship with God.  Seek one out and find intentional ways to grow in love this season.

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Dan Benson



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